How Apple’s “Consent for IDFA” announcement impacts on your privacy

Apple Just Crippled IDFA, Sending An $80 Billion Industry Into Upheaval

On the 24th of June, Apple announced iOS 14, its new mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads. According to Forbes, “Apple rendered the Identifier for Advertisers basically useless without actually killing it.”

Apple’s IDFA stands for “ID For Advertisers”.  It’s a unique identifier on your Apple iPhone that allows mobile advertisers to track your usage of the apps on your phone (and websites accessed through your mobile browser), and then use this information for targeted advertising. Access to the iPhone IDFA is currently allowed by default unless you opt-out (through Settings >> Privacy >> Advertising >> Limit Ad Tracking).

However, the new iOS 14 will force app developers who want access to your IDFA to require opt-in consent.  You will have a box that asks you to consent to be tracked across your apps and any websites that you browse using your phone.

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  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

When presented with such a box, it is very likely that most people will click ‘Ask App Not to Track”.

The ‘do not track’ will be great for those who value their privacy but not good for ad tech.

The new iOS will be available in the autumn so advertisers have until then to prepare.

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