GDPR training for employees

Boost your team’s confidence in data protection to minimise the risk of a data breach

Data protection training that makes sense

It’s estimated that 95% of data breaches originate from an internal error. Employees don’t have to act maliciously to cause one – most often, they’re the result of a lack of data protection training.

Usually, breaches are caused by a simple error: clicking on a phishing link, cc’ing the wrong person or sharing a password in the wrong channel.

My outsourced DPO service aims to help you and your business minimise the risk of a data breach. With comprehensive GDPR training, I’ll help you to create a data-aware culture by teaching staff to reduce the risk of error and identify vulnerabilities in your existing framework. Don’t leave your data protection to chance.

Benefits of training your staff on the GDPR


Build company resilience


Develop data protection awareness throughout your workforce


Help your team understand what they should and shouldn’t do with data


Keep staff up-to-date with regulatory changes and the impact that these have on your processes


No legal speak, guaranteed

Training to suit your needs


I can tailor data protection training specifically for your organisation and your team.


I can deliver engaging training at a location that suits you.


I can deliver online training when it suits you, either by Teams or Zoom.  

What my clients say

“Kristy was extremely knowledgeable and did not miss a beat when she was asked any question on a huge range of topics.

She had a very engaging teaching style and stamina (three days of non-stop lecturing, moderating discussions, and running exercises was very impressive), and she was careful to intersperse her lectures with breaks, exercises and group discussions.

I thought the exercises in particular were well structured and very useful. The course was amazingly run and well planned. What I liked best was the in-depth knowledge tailored to the attendees.”

Course attendee

Bespoke in-house GDPR training course

Take control of your business’s GDPR knowledge

GDPR adherence is not something to leave to chance. Alongside my tailored staff training, I offer a range of support services, as well as audits and reviews, to keep your company compliant. 

Get in touch with me today to book your staff training or find out more about my services.